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Aeration Services in Rogers, AR

Giving Your Lawn the Space It Needs to Thrive

Did you ever walk across a lawn and see dirt pellets peppering the grass? They were probably the residual of aeration services. When lawns get too congested and dense, it can become more difficult for the grass to grow strong. Aeration allows your lawn to get the adequate space it needs to grow in more, resulting in thicker grass and more effective irrigation. In fact, for many people, aeration helps to save water and makes fertilization efforts work much better. Turf-Team can provide your lawn with aeration services so your yard looks even more beautiful. Call us today to get started.

Dial (479) 239-4710 now or contact Turf-Team online to schedule your free estimate with one of our Rogers lawn care specialists.

Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Unlike other lawn care services, aeration is best performed about once a year, though some yards may require more. Aerating your lawn allows the roots of the grass to spread out a little more and breathe. When the service is performed, pellets of soil are removed in a pattern from your lawn, allowing water and nutrients to penetrate deeper.

Benefits of aeration include:

  • Better lawn health: By improving air and water flow to the roots of your grass, they can grow stronger and have a better chance at absorbing nutrients in the soil.
  • Improves soil pH: Because nutrients can now penetrate deeper into the soil, the natural pH from which the roots collect nutrients can balance out, making your lawn stronger and more beautiful.
  • More effective lawn overseeding: Keeping your lawn healthy can mean spreading new grass seeds periodically. With aeration, the seedlings have an environment where they can grow and flourish.

Experts with Over a Decade of Service Experience

Since we began, our team at Turf-Team has been committed to helping our customers get the very best for their yards. We take extra steps to make sure your lawn care services are as good as you deserve. Our organic fertilizers and comprehensive pest control plans can help your lawn, trees, and shrubs stay healthy all year long. Call us today to schedule your aeration services.

Dial (479) 239-4710 now to schedule your free estimate for aeration services in Northwest Arkansas.

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