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Mosquitos Love Life Outside

Mosquito Control in Rogers, AR

Make Your Yard the Outdoor Paradise It’s Meant to Be

In the Midwest, we know what it’s like to be attacked by mosquitoes. It feels like they’re everywhere, and you can’t get a break. Turf-Team offers mosquito spray services to help you enjoy your yard all year long, regardless of how bad those pests want to keep you company. Call our technicians today to schedule your free estimate and get started on ridding yourself of the winged bloodsuckers in your life.

Dial (479) 239-4710 now or contact Turf-Team online to schedule your free mosquito spray estimate in Northwest Arkansas.

Fast-Acting Mosquito Control Treatments

Controlling your mosquito problem doesn’t have to leave toxic chemicals laying around the yard. Turf-Team uses sprays treatments that can keep the mosquitoes away without creating a dangerous environment for children and pets.

Our mosquito spray treatments provide benefits such as:

  • Precise treatment areas
  • Instant performance without a need for water activation
  • Less waste
  • No harmful residual laying around
  • Prevention of contracting mosquito-borne diseases

We look forward to helping you. Call today and schedule your free estimate about your project. Need it done right away? Turf-Team offers same-day service to make sure you don’t have to spend another night running away from those annoying buzzers.

Over a Decade of Service

Turf-Team has been around for many years, and in that time, we’ve seen it all. Let our experienced lawn and yard care experts help you make your yard as comfortable as possible. During your free estimate, you’ll learn more about the services we can perform to help your lawn, shrubs, and yard become an outdoor paradise. We even offer comprehensive maintenance services to help you get all the other treatments your yard needs.

Ask about our 6-step and 8-step maintenance packages next time a Turf-Team visits your home. Call today and get started by dialing (479) 239-4710 now.

Hear It From Our Customers

The Grass Is Greener With Turf-Team
  • A+.

    “Experience and service A+.”

    - Dean Cantrell
  • Thank you so much.

    “Our lawn looks great. It's the best it has ever been.”

    - Amanda Allen