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Why Us Love Life Outside

Why Choose Turf-Team?

High-Performance Organic Lawn Care in Rogers

Keeping up with yard care can be a headache. Let Turf-Team help. With organic lawn care and pest control treatments that fit your schedule, our team can help you enjoy a beautiful yard all year long. With over a decade of providing landscaping services in Northwest Arkansas, we know what it takes to make your lawn sparkle. During your free estimate, one of our technicians will go over your needs and provide you with a maintenance plan to fit your situation. Our most popular professional plan is our hybrid program which combines organic fertilization with traditional weed and pest control.

Schedule your free estimate with Turf-Team today by dialing (479) 239-4710 or contacting us online.

Environmentally Safe Products

At Turf-Team, we take a serious commitment to our customers and the environment. Our organic lawn improvement and pest control products not only tackle the job, but they are also safer around the house.

Other advantages of our organic spray treatments include:

  • Won’t be ingested by pets or cause irritation to any kids playing in the yard, unlike granular pellet treatments
  • Precise coverage of necessary areas with less waste
  • Treatments for all kinds of issues, including mosquitoes, flea and tick problems, tree and shrub protection, and more

Enjoy Life Outside

No matter your needs, Turf-Team has a plan for you. We offer one-time treatments for when you need to take care of a problem right away, but we also have 6-step and 8-step plans for the complete, VIP care needs. By enrolling in a complete program, you get the help of Rogers lawn maintenance experts who can treat lawn diseases and make sure you have the yard you deserve for years to come.

Handling All Your Yard Care Needs

We provide many different services to make sure your time outside in the yard is as pleasant as possible. If you have a problem, we are here to handle it.

Along with lawn fertilization treatments, Turf-Team offers:

  • Mosquito treatments
  • Tree and shrub protection
  • Sprinkler winterization
  • Pest control spraying services
  • Lawn aeration

Get started on beautifying your yard today. Call Turf-Team for a free estimate.

Dial (479) 239-4710 to get started.

Hear It From Our Customers

The Grass Is Greener With Turf-Team
  • A+.

    “Experience and service A+.”

    - Dean Cantrell
  • Thank you so much.

    “Our lawn looks great. It's the best it has ever been.”

    - Amanda Allen